lördag 17 april 2010

QSL from 1410 kHz Bethel Radio, Huacho

Dear , Anders Hultqvist

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are pleased to receive your email.

Yes, indeed, the signal you picked up is from our radio station.

We are a radio network and it is transmitted from our central studio located in 1781 28 de Julio Street La Victoria – Lima by 1360 OM

The frequency 1410 KHZ of Huacho is one of our transmitters.

We have received reports of tune from Europe before where they listen to us online.

Thank you for contacting us.

God bless you.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Veramendi

General Coordination

Bethel Radio

2 kommentarer:

Gert Nilsson sa...

Gratulerar till QSL Anders!

Anders Hultqvist -AHK sa...

God Morgon!

Tack! Mitt första QSL på cirka 40 år tack vare HK